Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Destinations For Travelling For Indians

What can be more exciting, adventurous and therapeutic than Travelling? Be it the party pooper or the reveler but the dream to travel the world is the thing that must have hit your mind with the same enthusiasm.

Although most of the time our “I want” often meets its end in our “I wish” list because financial issues are a real thing. But not anymore! So, without any further ado let’s check out the top 5 destinations that you can visit to kick start your dream of tour and travel within your budget.

#5. Thailand

It may not seem as cheap as the title promised but it is not that expensive either. Thailand is an affordable country with priceless sights and experiences. From the nightlife and relishing clubbing environment seizing the streets to the beautiful beaches and cultural heritage, Thailand has it all, you just name it! It is the most famous country in South Asia for travelling.

#4. Malaysia

Before you again check the title, hold your horses. Malaysia is like Delhi, you have food, accommodation and every other stuff at your price but you need to know the right place to look for it. Other than this, be it the hill lands or sky bridge, mountaineering or underwater diving and cultural heritage to mesmerizing natural beauty, Malaysia is a one-stop for all of these.

#3. Vietnam

Vietnam is also emerging as one of the tourist attractions of South Asia. The “newbie” tour and travel destination has masterpieces to bloom in your mind. As people have started to mark Vietnam on their travel lists now only, you can expect the place to be more fresh and new.


#2. Bhutan

The list would have been incomplete without this. Isn’t it? You don’t even need a visa for travelling to Bhutan.  You can also visit Bhutan via road from west Bengal. Bhutan is a happy, peaceful and eco-friendly country. But visit at your own risk, there is a high possibility of falling in love with Bhutan.

#1. Nepal

Without any doubt, Nepal has secured first place on our list. Not only a visa but neither do you need a passport to visit Nepal. Nepal is home to the world’s highest peak and the place is guarded by the Himalayas.

Countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka are also good places for wanderlust but the ongoing political and other disputes within the countries are the reasons to give it a second thought.