Selling Your House for Cash: What to Do with Your Belongings

For many people, selling their houses so they can start a new life is more than just an ideal. But before you can sell it for cash, you must clear it of all personal effects. You might have sentimental or valuable items taking up space in the house that shouldn’t go anywhere; here are some tips on what to do with them:

Pack the Items

Pack some items into bags, boxes, suitcases or other containers and take them to a storage unit. This is one way of getting all of the stuff out of your home without having to pay an exorbitant “house clearance” fee. If there are things that must stay but which you don’t want around, consider hiring a professional organizer or moving company that specializes in house removals. Need to sell your property due to a job relocation? This link can help:

Finding a Good Home

Some things may not be worth the trouble of storing them away until you have more money to pay for rent or mortgage. In many cases, though, new families and individuals will love and cherish your items; making someone very contented will make someone very happy! If your items are valuable, you might consider selling them – make sure they’re clean first so they look presentable and attract potential buyers.

Rent It Out

You might feel compelled to give away the item, but there may be other things in your possession which you value more. Why not turn it into a rental and make some money that way? Even if the condition of the item isn’t ideal or you don’t have time to repair it yourself, renting out can still provide some extra income.

Donate It

If you have items that don’t match with your new home decor or lifestyle, donate them. Charities often accept donations from those looking to clear out their house and make some extra money. You can donate the items yourself or sell it and donate the proceeds to a charity; just be sure you do some research first before doing anything with your stuff.

Sell It

Do you have some high-end items that could be sold at a premium? Selling these items will help you maximize your profit. You could always sell them locally to a store or use websites like eBay to reach a wider audience. When selling, price the item fairly so someone is interested in purchasing it.

Give It Away

Do you have unwanted items in your attic or basement that you don’t plan to sell? Goodwill is the perfect option if you don’t want to throw them away. They accept almost anything and sell as much of it as possible to raise money for their charitable programs.